6 Online Marketing Strategy for 2015

The internet, especially Google has been the closest friend of consumers nowadays. They often check on the nearest stores to their place online before they even get out of their homes to buy their necessities and this is what enticed local businessmen to engage into the different online marketing strategies.
We have here six new strategies that you will need to focus on this 2015 in order for your local business to prosper.

Content Marketing

This is the foundation of your online marketing strategy. The content; mainly because this is where the consumers can see the answers to their problems and because this is the area where you will be able to entice them into checking your product out. You should be able to produce high quality, and useful content for you to have more viewers and for you to have a respectable rank in search engines which will help you have more traffic into your website.

Reputation Management

This area here is the gate keeper or the key to all other marketing aspects. Having a bad reputation will tarnish your company and your image in the market.
Studies have shown that customers with poor satisfaction level are the ones who most likely voice out their dissatisfaction and this is why even when a company has a lot of satisfied customers; they still end up in jeopardy.

I know, you can’t please everyone and so all you have to do is to use an application called Reputation Loop. This application will help provide an outlet for those dissatisfied customers, and to maximize the feedbacks and reviews of those satisfied customers.

Lastly, you should remember that your customers are not ignorant. They are very meticulous and so you have to take your reputation seriously.

Influencer Outreach and Networking

Every industry has a top man or influencer. Someone that everybody listens to and this is why you have to get a book or two of those top men.

You can start by following their social media accounts and then go on from there, taking their words seriously and using those teachings to elude more customers.

Email List Building

You should always remind your customers about your presence. This is very important even when it’s only through emails. Remember that once they know who you are, it’s your company’s name that comes into your brain when they need something that involves your niche.

Offer Commerce and Online Shopping

You should offer online shopping options in your website because in this year and age, that is the new trend. And more and more people prefer to have the option to shop online rather than leave the comforts of their home and go to the store.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the biggest social network and it has the biggest crowd. That is why we highly suggest that you use Facebook as a platform or a network for your advertising. You can create a page and post things that are related to your product there, or have promos for your customers.

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