How to utilize email marketing to your advantage

Tournaments especially a ball game is a big thing for most people not only for the players, because every season brings with it a new hope for every team to be on top. Although the strong usually dominates, there are instances that underdogs emerged as champions with the use of the right techniques.

The same idea applies to email marketing. No matter the size of your brand or subscriber base, a successful campaign is run by the same principles. Here are key tips to help you run your campaign successfully.

Tip 1: Shoot from outside the box.

It would improve your marketing efforts if you do something different without affecting your entire customer base. You can do through a new subject line, graphics or content. To ensure that it’s really a hit do an A/B test on a small group of contacts first and assess the feedback you get from them. This way you won’t hurt you customer base in your effort to do something interesting.

Tip 2: Separate the starters from the second string.

By using an engagement scoring, you’ll be able to identify your core group of contacts. These are contacts regularly interacting with your marketing messages. Take advantage of your core group to increase your delivery rates in order to reach more inboxes. Don’t waste time sending messages to contacts rarely interacting with your e-mails, because consistent unopened messages can cause some ISPs to flag your emails as spam. The fact that they are ignoring your email shows their lack of interest to engage.

Tip 3: Take advantage of the bonus.

By offering bonuses and special offers you customer count will increase. You can make bonuses and special offers more effective by personalizing the offers by geo-location. This is an easy way to utilize email marketing to your advantage.