The Treasure called Search Engine Marketing

In the previous years, growth of customer base often requires significant amount of time and money. But at the dawn of the digital age, purchases are mostly done online. Google search results can help funnel large quantity of interested prospects to small operations minus the huge amount money and time.

This has grown Google’s processes to over 3.5 billion searches per day, making it the most popular search engine online. Google currently has 68 percent market share, allowing people to trust them to serve up the most relevant sites.

Google provides tools which can transform searches into sales. Through Keyword Planner and AdSense, you will have an idea on what people search online. These tools will help fine tune your business. Search results will reveal what your competitors offer giving you the opportunity to innovate or add a service or product to make your business stand out. By giving people what they want you will save a lot of money.

Instead of just relying on your own gut to determine everything in your business from concept to inventory, these digital trails can help predict what interest costumers and brig in the sales. But it’s not just about what people search but how they are searching for it.

In Google, if you don’t exist on the first page of the search result you don’t exist. Google has the world convinced that life’s best answers are found on page one. Thus, it is important to get your site’s rank higher, so it can match popular and relevant search terms. To generate more traffic to your site, you need to optimize your keywords.

You can also take advantage of Google’s “long tail” of search, which means your site must have millions and millions of distinct pages, so that your site will have the answer to every search related to your business. Most business owners are not utilizing the power of Google for their business, with this you can still be a step ahead from your competitor.